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13 Feb

Vote to Save your Fave Flav of Lays!


Hey that rhymes! Save, Fave, Flav! According to the Facebook page of Frito-Lay, there are three new flavors of Lays Potato Chips for you to try! When I find them I WILL review them, but until then here is what you are looking for:

Cheesy Garlic Bread - Sounds pretty good! I’m calling this one as the winner before the voting is even done. Cheese and garlic would be a pretty good chip combination, in my not so humble opinion.

Chicken and Waffles - In a perfect world, this would win. This one if executed well could be good, but I can already bet the syrup waffle taste is going to overpower this one.

Sriracha - This sweet and spicy sauce will work pretty well on this chip. Will this dark horse flavor come out on top? I have seen chips trending in a more bold, intensive flavor direction (see the Ruffles MAX and Doritos JACKED versions of those snacks for additional evidence). Who knows?

This I DO know. I can’t wait to try these out! If you find them, let me know where you did and how they taste. Happy snacking!

15 Oct

Kentucky Fried Chicken potato chips coming to Japan

KFC savory salt ginger fried chicken flavored potato chips are coming to Japan soon! I would love to try them, but my guess is the shipping cost will make that prohibitive. Oh Japan and your crazy food! Check the link from Kotaku for more information.

Happy snacking!

27 Jul

Fair Food Week! Review: Oriental Chicken Kabob

An oriental kabob is another ‘non-traditional’ fair food item, but it is one that you shouldn’t miss. The meat is marinated, then grilled to perfection by the vendor of your choice. Okay, really it is probably grilled to the point of being too dry, but keep in mind that you are buying meat from a stranger in a carnival truck with questionable food handling skills. I’d prefer over-cooked to under-cooked in this case.

I recently treated myself to a chicken kabob, and it did not disappoint. The smoky grilled flavor mixed with the sweeter ‘oriental-style’ (whatever that is) marinade resulted in a great little snack that left me wanting more. Like all fair foods, they aren’t cheap, but part of going to the fair is silently agreeing with yourself that you are going to spend too much money on the food, and that the food isn’t worth the price you are paying, but it is only once a year and it is the fair and the food is so good so just get over it thanks.

Give these a try at your next opportunity. If you like beef jerky, chicken nuggets, or “oriental-style” food, I am confident that you will like this, too. Happy snacking!

9 Jul

Review: Frank’s Red Hot Chicken Fries

Frank’s Red Hot sauce is delicious! Let’s just start right there. If you disagree with that statement, save us both some time and move on.

…go on…I’ll wait…

Alright, now that it’s just us Frank’s fans, let us proceed.

I found these in the freezer section at Wal-Mart. I don’t know if these are a new snack, since there is no NEW or LIMITED EDITION logo. But they are new to me, so that’s good enough, right?

I opened the box and dumped the chicken fries onto a paper plate (with a wicker plate holder for increased structural integrity). I popped these in the microwave for a few minutes and the results are shown below.


Also included in the package is a separate packet containing Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce. The chicken fries by themselves are pretty good, what with their combination of chicken breast and rib meat. But the buffalo sauce successfully elevates this item from a snack to a treat. What’s the difference? Well, a treat is a snack that brings pleasure. I’m happy when eating them!

Do you want to be happy? Try these! Happy snacking!

29 Jun

Review: Lean Pockets Mexican Style Chicken & Cheese

Ole! Today we will be looking at a Lean Pocket which promises South of the Border flavors. Actually, I prefer Tex-Mex, as I find “authentic” Mexican food to be “authentically bland.”

Opening it up reveals the standard Hot Pocket:

Can you tell the picture is upside down? It is, but I’m feeling lazy today. Do you forgive me? Maybe I need a siesta!

Anyway, the taste is pretty good. The chicken and mozzarella cheese are tasty, and the sauce is where the Mexican style kicks in. It is spicy, but not too spicy. I would say just the right amount. As with all Lean Pockets, it needs to be paired with something or you will be hungry in about 10 minutes, so I would recommend some tortilla chips. Maybe some lime flavored ones. Yum!

Happy snacking!

29 May

Review: Lean Pockets Culinary Creations Chipotle Chicken

I’m a big fan of hot pockets, lean pockets, even calzones and strombolis. Basically, just stuff some food in some bread and I’ll be there! I’m always on the lookout for new pockets to try (and we have quite a few Hot Pocket reviews coming up, so buckle in!) and I came across these. I like chipotle peppers and this looked like a promising addition to the Lean Pocket line. And “Culinary Creations” sounds so fancy! Ooh la la!

Here is a description from the box:

"Lean Pockets brand Culinary Creations feature unique combinations like those found on a chef’s menu. Chipotle Chicken features a delicious blend of grilled white meat chicken, poblano and red bell peppers, onions, sweet corn, reduced fat cheddar cheese and a spicy chipotle sauce wrapped inside a made with whole grain crust. With Lean Pockets brand Culinary Creations, you can enjoy favorite flavors on-the-go!"

I think the phrase, “on a chef’s menu” is pretty clunky, but the description of the item is accurate.

The taste is very good for diet food. You can definitely taste the peppers, and I really enjoyed the chipotle sauce. The corn was a little unusual but worked, providing a sweet balance to the spiciness of the peppers and sauce. I’ll definitely add these to my “pocket” rotation.

Happy snacking!

8 May

Review: Herr’s Fireman’s BBQ Chicken Potato Chips

Chicken is my favorite protein, and BBQ Chicken is one of my favorite types of chicken. So when I saw this bag of Herr’s chips which promised not just BBQ Chicken but Fireman’s BBQ Chicken, I had to check it out. I’m not sure why the word “Fireman’s” was added to the title, though. Is this snack really prepared exclusively by Firemen? Are Firemen really good at barbecuing chicken? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Herr's Fireman's BBQ Chicken Chips

Here is a description of this chip straight from the bag:

A roadside grill or your local firehouse, there’s no mistaking the deliciously inviting smell of a Chicken BBQ!

Who doesn’t love the right off the grill smoky flavor of succulent barbecued chicken? Herr’s Fireman’s BBQ Chicken Potato Chips capture this authentic great taste with a special blend of herbs, spices and a touch of tangy marinade.

Herr's Fireman's BBQ Chicken Chip

These chips have a really good taste. Herr’s is known for their emphasis on strong and spicy flavors, and this chip has a strong but welcome BBQ taste. You can taste the chicken, but you can taste more of the BBQ than anything else. But that works for me! If you are ever in the mid-Atlantic region and get a chance, these chips offer a BBQ for your mouth, without the propane or charcoal!

What is your favorite Herr’s chip?