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29 May

Review: Lean Pockets Culinary Creations Chipotle Chicken

I’m a big fan of hot pockets, lean pockets, even calzones and strombolis. Basically, just stuff some food in some bread and I’ll be there! I’m always on the lookout for new pockets to try (and we have quite a few Hot Pocket reviews coming up, so buckle in!) and I came across these. I like chipotle peppers and this looked like a promising addition to the Lean Pocket line. And “Culinary Creations” sounds so fancy! Ooh la la!

Here is a description from the box:

"Lean Pockets brand Culinary Creations feature unique combinations like those found on a chef’s menu. Chipotle Chicken features a delicious blend of grilled white meat chicken, poblano and red bell peppers, onions, sweet corn, reduced fat cheddar cheese and a spicy chipotle sauce wrapped inside a made with whole grain crust. With Lean Pockets brand Culinary Creations, you can enjoy favorite flavors on-the-go!"

I think the phrase, “on a chef’s menu” is pretty clunky, but the description of the item is accurate.

The taste is very good for diet food. You can definitely taste the peppers, and I really enjoyed the chipotle sauce. The corn was a little unusual but worked, providing a sweet balance to the spiciness of the peppers and sauce. I’ll definitely add these to my “pocket” rotation.

Happy snacking!