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22 Jun

Review: Krave Jerky Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky

It’s time for another review of Krave Jerky. I tried their delicious Chili Lime Beef Jerky previously, so I was looking forward to trying this flavor as well. I was a little skeptical at first, because it was turkey jerky instead of the more traditional beef jerky. So I took at look at the ingredients.

I’m impressed. Look at all of the natural ingredients! Some snacks have an ingredients list that you need a chemistry degree to translate, but this is all nothing but good, natural food combined into delicious jerky. And speaking of the delicious jerky, here is a picture of the product taken out of the bag:

Doesn’t that look great? Well, let me tell you, it IS great. Here is how Krave describes the jerky:

We infuse succulent all-natural turkey with tangy citrus and robust basil, for a jerky that’s soft, subtly seasoned and simply bursting with flavor.

As mentioned in my previous review, Krave Jerky is softer than typical beef jerky, but in a really good way. The flavor of this jerky was great. I could absolutely taste the basil and apple, as well as the lemon. That combined with the great taste of the turkey resulted in some excellent jerky!

I highly recommend Krave Jerky! Try some today!

5 May

Review: Krave Jerky Chili Lime Beef Jerky

Jerky is a great snack, providing a healthy alternative to chips or sweets. When offered a five-pack of gourmet jerky by Krave, I pulled the trigger and gave them a shot.

This review focuses on the first one I tried: Chili Lime Beef Jerky. This is one of my favoritie flavor combinations, (Thai Dynamite at Pei Wei being my favorite example). Not to mention my love for the Hint of Lime Tostitos tortilla chips.

But back to the jerky. This jerky did not disappoint! It has a good chewy texture, but was not what I would consider overly chewy. Some jerky makes you feel like you are going to rip out a tooth while trying to take a bite, but this jerky was pleasantly moist while still maintaining its jerky consistency. The flavor was strong, but not overly spicy. You could really taste the lime notes, which complemented the spiciness of the chili perfectly. The resealable bag is also a big plus, allowing the jerky to maintain its freshness and texture. At least I assume it does, as I finished the bag before I got a chance to verify that!

I highly recommend you give Krave jerky a taste if you get the chance. You can visit them at

Look for more Krave jerky reviews soon!