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27 Jul

Fair Food Week! Review: Oriental Chicken Kabob

An oriental kabob is another ‘non-traditional’ fair food item, but it is one that you shouldn’t miss. The meat is marinated, then grilled to perfection by the vendor of your choice. Okay, really it is probably grilled to the point of being too dry, but keep in mind that you are buying meat from a stranger in a carnival truck with questionable food handling skills. I’d prefer over-cooked to under-cooked in this case.

I recently treated myself to a chicken kabob, and it did not disappoint. The smoky grilled flavor mixed with the sweeter ‘oriental-style’ (whatever that is) marinade resulted in a great little snack that left me wanting more. Like all fair foods, they aren’t cheap, but part of going to the fair is silently agreeing with yourself that you are going to spend too much money on the food, and that the food isn’t worth the price you are paying, but it is only once a year and it is the fair and the food is so good so just get over it thanks.

Give these a try at your next opportunity. If you like beef jerky, chicken nuggets, or “oriental-style” food, I am confident that you will like this, too. Happy snacking!