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4 Jul

Review: Pop Tarts Limited Edition Amazing Spiderman YUM-AZING Vanilla

I used to be a huge fan of Pop Tarts. I would eat them all of the time. So much so that I got sick of them and had to take a break from them for several years. I used to really like the strawberry flavor, especially the un-frosted variety. I always thought the frosting was a little unnecessary, since the pastry and the filling were sweet enough to give you heartburn. But my absolute favorite for years was the delicious FCVC: Frosted Chocolate Vanilla Cream. These things were just so good. Super-sweet, to be sure, but just yummy. Sadly, you can’t find this flavor any more. I don’t know what the top brass at Pop Tarts were thinking on that decision, but I heartily disagree. And before you say it, Cookies and Cream flavor is not the same. Not even close, folks.

Anyway, back to the review. You have to love goofy movie tie-ins in snack form. Well, you don’t have to love it, but you pretty much have to expect it. Every year you are going to get fruit snacks, sodas, chips, or some other snack bearing a slight modification in an attempt to cash in on a new summer blockbuster. Most of these tie-ins are a miss, but every once in a while you get one that is actually pretty good.

Behold! Some fancy Spider-Man-themed Pop Tarts! I have been looking for these things for quite a while, and I finally stumbled upon them a few weeks ago. OK, I didn’t literally trip over them, I spotted them at Meijer. I was instantly intrigued because these are vanilla flavored, and though the dough isn’t chocolate, perhaps the filling would be the same as my good old FCVCs. Only one way to find out: purchase them and try them.

The first thing I noticed was that the spread and placement of the little blue spider sprinkles were much less uniform than they appear on the cover of the box. And, not to gross you out, but I thought they looked like little blue ticks more than they looked like spiders. Not that spiders would be less gross, I guess, but these are kind of even close to the size of ticks. There was also a bit of a quality control issue with the icing on these, especially towards the top of the tart.

How did they taste? Just OK. The vanilla cream is good, but I don’t think it is as good as I recall the FCVC cream. This vanilla cream was a little milder and not quite as sweet. Everything else is pretty basic as far as Pop Tarts go. I wasn’t blown away, but they would be a good option if I were on vacation at someone’s house, and the only other options were Special K or Grape Nuts.

Quick poll: Do you put your Pop Tarts in the toaster, or eat them ‘raw’? Personally, I eat them straight out of the foil: no toasting for me. Let me know your preference in the comments. Happy snacking!

27 Jun

Review: Pop Tarts Team 2012 USA Mixed Berry Limited Edition

I love the Olympics! It is always cool to see athletes from all over the world come together and compete in events that I would never be able to do on my best day. If only they had a snacking Olympics. Or a watching TV Olympics (I would bring home the gold, let me tell you!)

I also love tie-ins! What better way to capitalize on an event then to bring out an item of food themed around that event. Which brings us to Pop Tarts! They have a Team 2012 USA edition with a mixed berry flavor.

I felt like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka when I opened the package. Look at the cool gold foil these Pop Tarts are wrapped in!

Apologies for the picture, I tried to capture the gold as best as I could, but it doesn’t photograph well. Unfortunately, this isn’t actual 24 carat gold like the Olympic medals. But it is still pretty awesome. And if the foil wasn’t cool enough, check out this patriotic Pop Tart!

This Pop Tart LOVES America. It is practically jingoistic. It always stands and places it’s hand over it’s heart when it hears the pledge of allegiance. It flies a large flag outside it’s home proudly. It’s ringtone is “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. It advises you that this is America: Love it or leave it

But how does it taste? Like a Pop Tart. The frosting is pretty standard vanilla and the sprinkles are a nice touch. I don’t know how much dye they needed to make the pastry red, but it was worth it. It makes you feel patriotic just eating it. The berry flavor is also very good, and not too strong. Sometimes after eating a Pop Tart you feel like you might have heartburn because of the sweetness, but not with this one.

Go for the Gold and pick up this Pop Tart today. Happy Snacking!